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How To Be Heard

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One of the practices I use when teaching the Wheel Of Consent is called Listening Buddies, and that’s what I’m sharing with you here. It’s a very simple (but surprisingly powerful) practice, which you can do in as little as 5 minutes.

It involves talking so you’ll need someone to do it with, but it works just as well online (with a camera) as it does in person.

You don’t have do it with someone you know well (in fact sometimes it can be a more profound experience with someone you’re not so close to). Equally it’s a great practice for couples to help build better communication.

I’ve got two resources for you:

Firstly a video where I talk through why the practice works, and how it’s structured. It’s good to watch this to start with if it’s your first time here.

Secondly there a downloadable PDF with all the steps, and top tips, which you can keep with you when you’re using the practice.

I hope you find this practice helpful!

The quadrants

Each quadrant in the Wheel Of Consent creates a different experience and teaches you something different about yourself. Learn more about each one:


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