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Online learning

If you’ve taken a Wheel Of Consent workshop and want to keep practicing these online one-to-one sessions with me are an ideal way to support your ongoing learning

So you’ve taken a Wheel Of Consent workshop, and you’ve learned the basic skills. How do you keep practicing? Especially if you don’t know anyone else who’s into it?

The Wheel Of Consent offers a great set of tools for navigating your interactions.

But I know from experience that it’s not something you just ‘get’ after one workshop.

Like meditation or yoga it’s a practice. The more you can return to it and play with it, the more you’ll build your skills, and the easier it will become to navigate more smoothly.

That’s why I offer supported practice sessions. These take place online so you can work with me from wherever you are in the world!

The sessions are personalised for you, and you can book a single session, or a block, depending on your practice needs.

This is an ideal opportunity to deepen your practice AND access additional insights and tips from me.

What's involved?

Although the Wheel Of Consent is often taught using touch, it’s also totally possible to practice many of the core skills for each quadrant without touch!

In fact, when there’s no touch involved it can actually make it easier to focus on what’s really at the heart of the Wheel Of Consent: the practice of noticing and choosing.

Core skills you’ll get to practice in these sessions include:

  • Noticing and communicating your desires
  • Noticing and communicating your limits
  • Asking for what you want
  • Fine-tuning your willingness
  • Creating clear agreements

You get to choose what will be most valuable for you to focus on in each session, and I’ll offer the best practice options to support you with that.

Who is it for?

In these practice sessions I’ll be supporting you deepen your existing skills rather than teaching you new ones (although of course there’s learning every time you practice!)

So you’ll need to have some basic grounding and experience of the core elements of the Wheel Of Consent.

For that reason these practice sessions are for anyone who’s taken one of the following:

  • A Wheel Of Consent workshop of 1 day or more, with me or any of the Certified Facilitators or Facilitators In Training listed on the School Of Consent website
  • Any professional training of 1 day or more run by the School Of Consent
  • Wheel Of Consent coaching with me or any of the Certified Facilitators or Facilitators In Training listed on the School Of Consent website (by recommendation only)

If you’re completely new to the Wheel I recommend you start with one of my coaching packages, or workshops.

"The sessions allowed me to gain a deeper, clearer, cleaner yes and no and a clearer understanding of the energetics of human interactions. This is a tool for life and I am so grateful"

Kristie, Scotland

wheel of consent practice

The more you practice the more you'll learn about yourself, and the more you'll be able to create positive change

Start practicing with me

Single session (60 minutes)


3 sessions (3 x 60 minutes)

£105 (£35 per session)

6 sessions (6 x 60 minutes)

£180 (£30 per session)

Book a single session using the calendar below. Payment is required on booking and is via PayPal. If you'd like to pay using a different method, or to book a block please contact me directly on info [at] michaeldresser.co.uk to arrange this.