3 Components of Pleasure

Pleasure can feel like a bit of a loaded word: it’s something that most of us want, but often it feels difficult to get it right – or even just get it – especially when there’s another person involved.

It’s also worth remembering that it’s not one-size-fits-all – in fact it comes in a whole variety of shapes, sizes and flavours, and what’s pleasurable for one person may not be for someone else.

What’s your experience of pleasure?

Every body will have their own experience of it, which changes from moment to moment and will depend on a number of different elements.

We often talk about ‘giving’ someone pleasure, but did you know that pleasure isn’t something someone can give you – it happens in your body as a combination of 3 different components which come together to create a unique experience each time?

Watch the video to find out more about what these are and how you can use them to increase your pleasure. Or Click to view in YouTube

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The quadrants

Each quadrant in the Wheel Of Consent creates a different experience and teaches you something different about yourself. Learn more about each one:


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