Wheel Of Consent Weekend – Findhorn

4 – 5 October 2019

Sunshine Room, Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland

£10 – Part 1
£50 – Parts 1 & 2

A 50% discount on the full weekend price is available for those who have attended any of my previous workshops.

A 3-part Findhorn weekend workshop exploring the Wheel of Consent®

How to attend this Findhorn workshop:

This workshop is structured to give you choice over how much you attend, depending on your availability or interest level.

You have the option to engage over an evening, a day and a half, or the full two and a half day weekend.

So you can choose to come to one, two or all three parts. Each part builds on the one before so you need to have attended the previous one also (ie you need to attend Part 1 if you want to attend Part 2).

Explore the details of each part below, and then complete the booking form at the bottom of this page to register for the parts you're interested in.

Find out more about each part of the workshop:

Choose Part 1 (Friday evening): if you would like to find out about the Wheel Of Consent, and learn a simple, powerful tool for opening your connection to sensation in your own skin, without the need to touch anyone else. Click below to read more about Part 1.

Choose Part 2 (Saturday full day): if you’d like to learn the essential tools, practices and theory of the Wheel of Consent, with an invitation for interactive (clothed, non-sexual) touch. Click below to read more about Part 2.

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Recent participants have said:

"I have taken this and applied it to my life – as a result I’ve seen my work and personal relationships change and become clearer. I feel freer and more powerful and more ‘optioned’ because of the Wheel Of Consent work" (Thomas Miller, Findhorn Foundation Editor)


“Michael is a gifted communicator and facilitator of the Wheel of Consent tool. This is a tool for life and I am so grateful” (Kristie Lee-Harris, Forres)


"I’ve gained a piercing insight into the complexities of relationships and agreements!" (2018 participant)

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