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Wheel Of Consent

wheel of consent workshop

Wheel Of Consent Workshop – 6-Week Series

Sundays, Nov 7 – Dec 12, 2021 5pm London / 9am Seattle / 12pm New York / 6pm Amsterdam  |  Online Course

  • Are you wondering how to negotiate consent beyond touch in our current world?
  • Are you looking for tools to better communicate what you want and need?
  • Are you feeling isolated and looking for a sense of connection and belonging?

Join me and School Of Consent co-founder Robyn Dalzen for a six-week online workshop on the Wheel of Consent – a powerful practice to improve the quality of your relationships and create clear agreements to experience satisfying connection to yourself and others. It is simple, subtle, and profound.


You will come away from this Wheel Of Consent workshop with tools to:

  • Create a felt-sense of safety in your body and nervous system
  • Connect to what feels good and brings you joy
  • Notice, value, and voice what you want and what you don’t want
  • Understand two ways to receive and two ways to give and feel the joy of each of these four possibilities for interaction
  • Make choices that support your well-being and connection with others

Understanding and embodying the Wheel of Consent happens through a somatic experience – you feel it in your body. And with this, you will start to rewire old patterns around giving and receiving. You will feel clearer about expressing yourself and understanding others, enjoying more authentic connections with greater ease.

“We have been conditioned for hundreds of years. We have to unlearn everything we have been taught to relearn who we are.” ~ Stephen Porges, Polyvagal Theory

This Wheel Of Consent workshop:

  • Is online and includes home practices between meetings
  • Is for anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and improving the quality of their relationships – with intimate partners, friends, parents, children, or colleagues
  • Is experiential – you will have plenty of opportunities to practice and explore
  • Respects your boundaries – you will always have choices about how you engage with the course
  • Lets you start where you are – regardless of how much you know about the Wheel, there are always new levels of awareness to be found
  • Teaches you the four quadrants of the Wheel – how to find them, feel them in your body and see where they can take you
  • Is open to all genders and sexual orientations


What people are saying:

“It’s truly transformational work and so necessary for the healing and growth we are in desperate need of.”

“I know myself WAY more. I am trusting my impulses, my no’s and yes’s and I am able to voice them more clearly now. I am grateful for this modality. It is a gentle, deep, and foundational piece for creating healthy, safe, and intimate relationships with oneself and others.”

“Every time I practice, I increase my confidence.”

“It has given me language to access direct pleasure, ask for what I want, and express boundaries. I can get more clean with people on what I want and what I am willing to tolerate.”

Workshop details

This is a six-week online course meeting once a week for two hours. This provides a great opportunity to digest, integrate and practice between meetings. We will offer options for home practice that include both solo practice and paired – and with each paired practice, there will be an option to do this remotely or face to face. There will be lots to experiment with and notice!

COURSE FACILITATORS: Robyn Dalzen & Michael Dresser
TIME: 9am Seattle / 12pm New York / 5pm London / 6pm Amsterdam
DATES: Nov 7, 14, 21, 28, Dec 5, 12

Price for the workshop:

  • Early Early Bird (8 available): US$325
  • Regular (14 available): US$375


We are offering three (3) partial scholarships for a ticket price of US$200 each ($175 off the regular registration fee). These scholarships are reserved for individuals from marginalized and oppressed communities and based on financial need, with priority going to applicants who are BIPOC. Apply here.

The quadrants

Each quadrant in the Wheel Of Consent creates a different experience and teaches you something different about yourself. Learn more about each one:


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