Learning To Be Touched

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Essential practices to unlock your connection with choice and communication. Give your body the skills to know what it wants when it comes to touch, and how to ask for it

The idea of learning how to be touched may sound strange.

But most of us have a tendency to go along with things - especially touch - even if it’s not quite right (learn more about how we allow).

Learning To Be Touched sessions with me are different. They’re based on the transformational practice of the Bossy Massage, developed by Dr Betty Martin. But this is certainly not a massage the way you’re used to thinking of it!

These sessions are a unique opportunity to change your relationship with being touched, in a space where nothing will happen unless you have asked for it.

Available for individuals and couples, the skills you’ll learn here can bring positive benefits to the whole of your life, even beyond touch.

Watch the video to learn more.

Is it for you?

This is for you if:

  • You’re tired of settling for touch you don’t really enjoy
  • You’d like to get better at knowing how your body wants to be touched
  • You want to learn to communicate better about the touch you like
  • You’d like to build trust in yourself and your own body

Imagine being able to to choose touch which feels ‘Wow’, instead of just putting up with ‘Meh’

"This opened my eyes about myself, and knowing what and how I want things for myself"

Issie, New Zealand


"I finally was able to consent with myself the kind of touch and pace of touch I like, and need, in order to experience pleasure"

Eva, Scotland

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